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Original Team Founder

It is with sad hearts that we announce that  Nayt passed away October 12, 2022.  The team is now being ran by Sarah and Ryan.

Nayt was pictured here with his dog Puddin'. "I always wanted my own paranormal team and I am so excited that I get to share my passion with others." 

Abilities: Psychic Medium



Team Leader

Hello! I started on this team as a scout. Yet I have been present ever since Nayt desired to start his own team back in 2020. So the transfer of position to was easy.

I love all of our team members, and everyone we come into contact with. It's always a learning experience with shared stories.

I am also a team-mate on Pair-O-Normal Girls and a verified admin on the Facebook Group - Guiding Light Mystics.

I do not like to call myself a psychic-medium. I believe I do have a discernment though which allows me to see beyond this physical world.  I am a Catholic, though I grew up Christian non-Catholic, which has only encouraged me to believe in an eternal soul that exits after physical earthly death. I will say I do have prophetic dreams, precognitions, the power of demonomy (but do not consider myself a demonologist), and more.


I am also available for public speaking at conventions. Please see the Conventions page for more information.

























Team Leader

I’ve been investigating the paranormal for last 12 years. I got into the field because as a kid I had a few strange experiences happen that I couldn’t explain. As I got into high school I found friends who were also interested in the paranormal which led me to start asking the questions about what I was seeing and experiencing. After that I was hooked. I’m intrigued by all aspects of the field whether it ghosts, aliens or cryptids. Always up for the hunt and enjoy the adventure.



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