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Private Home/Business Investigation

What are private investigations?

This type of investigation is one that we take great pleasure in. We come to your home or business for free and do a thorough investigation of the property. We do our best work when we get to spend the night in an empty house to see what goes on personally and with our equipment. However, we understand that this may not be an option for everyone. If that is not an option for you we will come and do the investigation with you  present.

How much does this cost?

This is absolutely free. No charge.

It is fine if you would like to make a donation. This would help us pay for batteries and other team needs so that we may continue doing this type of free service.

We may ask you to purchase crystals which call to you to help lift the energy in your home. You would just go to a local metaphysical shop which carries crystals.

What about my religion?

How does this process work?

We do not do anything you are not comfortable with. We work within your personal religious beliefs. You are a complete part of the process. You are allowed to bring a your clergy into the process as well. We want you do to do what is best for you, not us.

First we would set up a time to do a brief conversation over the phone. We would ask some basic questions to determine the level of urgency and safety for our team. We would get your location for the investigation as well.  Plus set up times for the baseline interview, investigation and follow up. We also discuss the next paragraph. This usually takes 20 minutes.


There are very few things that we request before we enter any property. We ask that all animals, even nice ones, are placed in a room, kennel,  outside, or stay with a friend/family during. Our equipment can be quite expensive and we have had animals jump on us which damages equipment. The other thing is that the house can not look like a hoarders house, very unkept with no place for us to walk, or very unsanitary to where we are scared to use the bathroom or breathe in the air. Children are fine as long as they are capable of remaining as quite as possible during the investigation and do not jump on us. We love all animals and children, and wish we did not have to ask this of anyone, but we have learned from past experiences sadly.

Next, we would have 2 or 3 people show up at the agreed upon time to do a baseline interview, property pictures, and equipment readings. We prefer to do this while their is daylight out and with everyone who lives in the home or had experiences in the home present. This can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. 

For the investigation we usually arrive around 8 PM and begin to set up our equipment and begin the investigation at 9 PM. We place static equipment in places that are the most active. We also carry equipment on us such as evp recorders and kii. We explain what the equipment does, so that you are fully a part of the investigation. If we are dealing with something malevolent, we will most likely do a cleansing of the property that night. If not, it will be done during the follow up. This investigation can last anywhere up to a few hours or all night. It depends on many things such as what the owner is capable of allowing, if all equipment and batteries go dead, what the psychic-mediums encounter, and so forth.

For the follow up, we go over the interview and what we encountered/experienced, and any evidence we recorded to back up the situation. We show you the history we found of the location and past people that lived or worked there. We also offer what types of cleansings we feel would work for this location, and we let the owner decide what they would like to do.

You will receive an email that has all of the paperwork, and evidence we discussed. This way if you do need to bring another team out or have clergy come in you will know what was found, done, and who came out. MOST OTHER TEAMS DO NOT OFFER THIS TYPE OF PAPER TRAIL OF EVIDENCE, INTERVIEWS, HISTORY AND SUCH FOR YOU TO KEEP. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on what was found, and what the owner would like us to do.

How to get in touch with us.

Please go above to the Contact Us page and follow the directions.

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