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Hi my name is brad. My first paranormal experience was when I was in boot camp in my bunk I kept hearing "I want to go home." and then I'd hear blood curdling screams at night when I would try to go to sleep; yet no one around me heard anything. I am excited to be a member of Hidden Realms Paranormal because I have always been interested in the paranormal and I believe this group will be alot of fun and also to help me strengthen my abilities to be a good investigator at the very least.



Jennifer H.

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am a psychic medium and empath. I am Claire audient, Clairvoyant, and Clairesenient. My favorite tools are dowsing rods and pendulums. I offer two types of readings which are tarot and mediumship.

Fun fact, I am a certified fairyolgist. I also run my own team and am a member of 3 others. I love to help spread camaraderie amongst the teams. We live in a great state with lots of different types of hauntings.

My first ever experience was when I was 5 years old and was sitting in the bathroom trying to 💩. I look over and see an old man smiling. I knew nothing of ghosts back then and thought he had used magic and was trying to kidnap me. I ran out crying in fright. My mom knew what I Experienced but did not explain it to me at all. I spent the rest of my childhood and teenage years just accepting that only I saw things and that it wasn't meant to be spoken of. When I learned exactly what my gift was and that it was okay to use it I felt so free.

I have since spent all my free time helping spirits to cross and bringing peace to families who experienced a haunting. I am often called in to handle the toughest of cases.

My daughter Mary (also on team) is also likewise gifted and we are a mother/daughter duo. I'm so proud of her. She has been with me through it all. Imagine where she will go as she gets older!

This team is amazing and has some powerhouses in it!!




I've always been involved in the paranormal for a long time, love being able to investigate, learn the history of the places we have been to, love learning about the equipment, what its used for.




Hey everyone! My name is Mary from the team Pair-O-Normal Girls, and most recently The Hidden Realm, and I am a medium. I am Clairaudient and clairvoyant and a little fun fact is I have worked with the famous medium Chip Coffey on my gifts.

I am a practicing Wiccan but love to study other religions. I love doing house cases not only because I get to investigate new places but also because I get to see the relief on the family's faces when everything is done and over with and there is new light in the home. I always knew I had gifts and my family knew as well. I went on my first ever ghost hunt just after my 13th birthday and fell in love. I think I like talking to dead people more then alive people more because I don't have to always see their facial expressions when they cringe at me 🤣.

I love to help people with any questions they have so feel free to send me a message. Can't wait to investigate with you all!




My reasons for getting into the paranormal and my abilities go together. I grew up having dreams of things I shouldn't have known or that hadn't happened yet. I'd sleepwalk, speak with an accent. One night when I was 5, in my sleep, I spoke fluently in a language that I didn't know using older terms to a family friend that was there and that knew the language very well. I would know things I shouldn't have known. I'd hear and see things that "weren't there". I had a heath issue later that caused me to die and after coming back it all got way more intense. When I got a little older, seen some shows, decided to start investigating with friends. That's when we realized that the things I was hearing, that none of them heard, were also picked up on a recorder every time. I've been doing it ever since. As a young adult I began doing readings and having more detailed dreams seeing moments before someone's death, having their memories, feelings, knowing very personal things about them, etc. I can't explain but I believe there has to be a reason for all of it and it's a huge part of who I am today.


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